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Cheney MayFest is celebrating its’ 5th Anniversary! Each year a small, volunteer committee tries to create a memorable event that brings our community together to celebrate Springtime, and promote the businesses and personality of our fine city! Our hope is to make this event blossom into a city-wide affair that attracts people from all over the region like bees to wildflowers in bloom. There is no flowery way to say this, but we need your help! We need skills and volunteers to which we can delegate tasks leading up to and during the event. We need people to help spread the word and then come revil in MayFest. But what we really need is money to invest in making this, and each Cheney MayFest, a truly wondrous occasion that sticks in the memories of those who attend, and becomes an event others will wish they had enjoyed! Let’s turn Cheney MayFest into a premier regional event that people from all over make a part of their annual Springtime plans! THANK YOU!


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Cheney May Festers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides free, community activities for the purpose of promoting business, tourism, and economic development. (Nonprofit Tax ID: 91-2008250)

2017 MayFest Committee: Jason Williams, Catherine Nero Lowry, Douglas LaBar, Debbie Anderson, Harlan Shellabarger, Kyra Phelps (intern)