Farewell 4 &1/2 Block Walk… Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Cheney MayFest says goodbye to The 4 &1/2 Block Walk…


Thanks For A Great Run… um, or Walk!

It is with mixed emotions that Cheney MayFest says goodbye to the 4 & 1/2 Block Walk. We had a great 5 years of exploring downtown Cheney while raising money and awareness for American Cancer Society Relay For Life. We hope you all had fun and made some awesome memories… we sure did!  It’s hard to quantify such things, but according to our calculations each Annual 4 &1/2 Block Walk generated enough silliness to power an unmanned paper airplane approximately .34 kilometers, or roughly 4.56 city blocks.  Factoring in lift, this is the equivalent of 32 giggles each minute or 450 smiles spread across 13 counties and 22 parsecs.  So that’s pretty much a lot of silliness.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped out, volunteered, donated something, dressed up, walked on stilts, marched in a band, and participated in the world’s silliest endurance event! And here’s a special shout out to everyone who has been affected by cancer. Keep up the good fight.  Hope we helped in some small way!

We hope you will keep Toast and Bacon in your hearts and think of us fondly whenever you see your Block Rock. May all your Woks be Golden and most importantly, may you find time every day to enjoy A Silly Walk!

The Relay For Life for Spokane and surrounding areas has now consolidated to become the Relay For Life of Inland Empire!
Please consider supporting their efforts. It may be a little more of a commitment than 4 & 1/2 Blocks, but it’s worth it.  Cancer is dumb.

Please join us for the 6th Annual Cheney MayFest for all kinds of fun and community goodness! We kick off Friday night May 11th with an old-fashioned street dance with Kelly Hughes Band and the EWU Hawai’i Club Hula dancers. Then Saturday May 12th is all day shenanigans from 10am – 5pm! Way more info is available at CheneyMayfest.org. Thanks!