4 &1/2 Block Walk

SATURDAY, MAY 13th 11:30 am

Celebrate downtown Cheney and walk a TINY bit for cancer!
The ONLY POINT 34K in existence and the ONLY Relay for Life “Qualifier” in the world!

Much like any organized endurance event, the 4 &1/2 Block Walk pushes people to their limits of silliness.  In fact, this excursion has been scientifically confirmed to be 4.5 times sillier than any other organized fundraiser on the planet.  Each year this premier affair promises all sorts of nonsense in the name of philanthropic fun, such as:

  • Circus performers, stilt walkers, costumes like Toast, Bacon, “Foamage” Cheese Wheel (French word for cheese is fromage…), and Person Riding Dodo Bird to name a few…
  • Mystery Meanderings, Surprise Stops, Interesting Interactions
  • Frequent Sustenance Stations
  • Golden Blok Wok Award for SILLIEST WALKS = Actual Golden Wok and Gift Certificate to Rokko’s Teriyaki!
  • An entire HALF BLOCK dedicated to SILLY WALKS!

There are 2 ways to register:

– OR –

All proceeds go to the W. Plains Relay For Life, the American Cancer Society’s supreme community fundraising event.  Join us at the 5th Annual 4 &1/2 Block Walk and then again on Saturday, May 20th for the W. Plains Relay For Life!

(We really are proud to be 1/2 a number)

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